Bookbinding Workshops

Learn Coptic Binding

Are you part of a crafting group, reenactment group, or SCA and would like to learn a new skill? Host a Coptic binding workshop! Your attendees will receive enough material to make two Coptic-bound books and I will take you through every step.


A Brief History

Coptic binding can be traced back to the 2nd century. The Christian Copts of Egypt would fold sheets of papyrus together and bind them with a chain stitch. This method of binding allows a codex to lay completely flat when open. Front and back covers, which were originally attached to the text block after the pages were sewn, were often a flexible board made from papyrus or leather. As parchment and vellum began to replace papyrus, heavier wood boards were used for the covers to protect the more delicate material. While early Coptic-bound codices left the spine exposed, later variations covered it with a leather guard that was fastened to the covers. This was the primary method of bookbinding through the 11th century when it was replaced with binding methods that provided more structure and support to thicker books. Coptic binding remains a favorite of bookbinding hobbyists for its simplicity and durability.

All participants will receive one Leaf and Yard Coptic Bookbinding Kit with essential bookbinding tools and enough material to make two books.

Workshop Fee: $50 plus $20 per participant
Workshop Duration: At least 3 hours
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