Custom Books

Do you love keeping a Bullet Journal but get tired of writing out each month or week? Do you want to use a planner but have found those commercially available do not suit your needs? Let me create a book that is exactly what you need it to be! Fill out the form below to get started. Be sure to include contact information so we can discuss all the details. Details about each option is below.

About Leaf and Yard Custom Books

Your book will be printed and bound according to the details we discuss. There are two weights of paper, standard (75 gsm - like regular copy paper) and heavyweight (128 gsm - heavier than standard weight paper but not as heavy as cardstock). There are also two colors of paper, white (good for short daily writing) and ivory (good for spending a lot of time in your journal as it is a little easier to look at for long periods of time). Planners consist of a typical calendar year (January to December) or the academic year (July to June), but a custom year is available too. I can include more than 12 months for an additional fee. Choose whether your weeks start on Sunday or Monday. Choose your page style. I favor dot grid pages, but I can also make your journal on blank or lined pages or any combination. I highly recommend case binding your custom journal, but they can also be Coptic bound if you prefer.
There are additional details that we will discuss through the process: calendar layout, weekly details, specific pages you want to include (an index, future log, emergency contacts, etc), and cover fabric.
Your custom book (including planning, preparing, printing, binding, and shipping) takes about a month from start to finish. Be sure you order with plenty of time before you plan to start using your book.

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